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Hi, I’m Miss Lillian! 

To some, I may look new but this is not my first year teaching at Dance Elements. I taught during my grade 12 year but have taken a break since. Now that I am in my third year of university, I am super excited to get to teach again! Dance has been my absolute favorite thing in the world ever since I was little. It has taught me how to push myself, work hard, but most importantly how to let go and just let myself have fun (which is why you may see me trying some weird things sometimes). My favorite styles are ballet, acro, and lyrical but I have tried almost every dance we offer at the studio. I have finished my RAD Advanced 2 ballet exam, my CDTA Advanced Jazz exam and spent many years competing. When I am not at the studio you can find me at the University of Saskatchewan studying to get into pharmacy, dancing for the Saskatchewan Rattlers or USASK jazz team, or at home with my dog playing video games (I LOVE to geek out about Minecraft). You may also see me in some of our senior classes throughout the week. In these past few years, I have found how amazing it feels to be able to help and see dancers achieve their goals. Being part of that process has brought me a new joy now that I have less time to dance myself. As a teacher, I strive to create a safe environment where my dancers feel comfortable enough to have fun, push themselves, and make mistakes. I love getting to connect with our dancers and help them find their love for dance. Always come say hi to me when I’m at the studio or even in public! I’m so excited to see everyone at the studio and in my classes this season!

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