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Caregiver & Me

Twinkle 2's

Dancing 3's

These classes will follow a movement based syllabus. Ballet, Jazz, musical exercises, and balance/coordination will be the focus of each lesson. We follow the Royal Academy of Dance pre-school program, combined with Discover Dance and Acrobatic Arts Pre-K Programming to round out our lessons.

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Combo Classes

Little Leapers: jazz & acro

Tiny Twirlers: acro & ballet 

Mini Rhythms: jazz & tap 

Petit Danseur: ballet & jazz

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Focused primarily on using the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, designed to provide your child with a high-caliber, standardized syllabus recognized worldwide. In non-exam based classes, we also use CDTA Ballet syllabus and Finis Jhung methods

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A genre that uses rhythms, music, and metal plates on shoes to produce another style of dance while enhancing musicality of students. We follow the CDTA syllabus as it provides a standard for the dancer and ensures the history of tap is preserved.

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Following CDTA syllabus to ensure the high-test standard of instruction is being followed. Through jazz, dancers will gain flexibility, stamina, and power along with the technique of turns and jumps.

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Acro Dance

Dynamic and energetic classes that compliment jazz, contemporary, lyrical, theatre, and ballet dancers. Acro dance is often seen as just the floor work of gymnastics, however it is all about the hand-to-foot weight transfer, and different ways of moving the body across the stage using power and flexibility.


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An energetic style of dance that has many roots. It has a very relaxed attire, and dancers are taught to isolate body movement along with fluid rippling movements.

Hip Hop

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Musical Theatre

Incorporates singing, dancing, staging, and acting. This class builds skills under the guided tutelage of Mike Harris - a highly qualified voice and music instructor, and Miss Kate while also nurturing the portrayal of characters and understanding the layouts of the stage.

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Different styles, offered in one class that will rotate. This will allow dancers to see if they prefer a more natural, rounded way of moving or a more traditional training.

Turns & Progressions

This class covers all high-level turns and the foundations that build into them. The jumps require power built through plyometrics and core strength taught in this class. We will work on power, body awareness and understanding of skills.

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Focuses on the basics of dance, plus strength as well as technique of leaps, turns, splits etc. A mixture of jazz, hip hop and traditional cheer!

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Strength & Flexibility

Focuses solely on increasing the range of motion through muscle lengthening. We will use the Alixa Flexibility syllabus and Sugarfoot Method to increase the dancer's knowledge and awareness.

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