At Dance Elements we pride ourselves on promoting a nurturing environment, fostering growth in performance of dance arts and musicality of individual students.  Our studio atmosphere is fun, supportive, inclusive and encompasses the passion for dance in both the Competitive and Aspiring streams.   Our vision it to promote dance, musicality, voice, acting, team work, personal goals and physical literacy through certified instruction, standardized testing and of course, a positive, safe studio space for all our pupils, at any stage in their dance education.   We, at Dance Elements, believe the more exposure to different styles and educators of dance, the more refined your technique and broader your abilities become.  Dance Elements insists on a family focused studio, a home away from home, so that all our dancers make memories, friends and learn skills that stay with them through life.  


The  goal at Dance Elements is to  cultivate dancers to become well rounded individuals, with  high regards to and  for dance. To use those skills learnt in the studio  to be high achievers in all environments and grow them selves to their fullest human, not just identifying as a dancer!!

    It's about more than just dance!