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BSC KIN, A.R.A.D., CPR-C, Basic Life Support, and First Aid


Hi, I am Miss Megan and I am super pumped for another awesome year at Dance Elements! Dance is one of my greatest passions in life, but when I am not dancing or teaching, I am usually studying, spending time outdoors (I love rollerblading!), or snuggling with my pets. I have three cats- Willow, George, and Pickles, and a dog named Chloe! Last year I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - which basically just means I officially know a lot about the human body, its muscles, and how to help our dancers grow stronger and more flexible! I am now in my second year of my Masters of Physical Therapy degree, and I plan to use my knowledge from school and our studio ethos to help our dancers become well-rounded athletes!  I love teaching and taking classes in all styles of dance, but my three favourites are ballet, contemporary, and jazz! I usually come across as quiet and reserved at the studio, but do not let that fool you- I LOVE to have fun with my dancers. My favourite thing about teaching at Dance Elements is being able to share my passion for dance and nurture the dancers' growth, regardless of what their goals at the studio are! I love to encourage the dancers (even the ones I do not teach) and celebrate victories and accomplishments of all sizes. My favourite moments at the studio are watching the students set, work toward, and achieve their individual goals. I cannot wait to see all the familiar faces that return this season and welcome all the new dancers to our silly, fun-loving, and hardworking family.

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