CBTS RAD, CDTA-L, CSTD, AAC, C.P.R. & Sports First Aid,
Alixa Flexibility Certified, PBT Certified, SFT certified.

Hi, I am Miss Jo, and I am one of the teachers at Dance Elements and also the studio’s director! When I am not in the studio, I am happily hanging out with my family! I have 3 daughters- Sophia, Jocelyn and Adalie, a husband named Chad and a big snuggly pooch called Tucker. I wanted to name him Larry (no one agreed with me - oh well). You will see me in the studio teaching a variety of different styles of dance, as well as classes consisting of different age levels. I can be a bit goofy! I love to laugh, but NEVER at my dancers! I am chatty and very easy to approach, so when you see me - say hi; tell me about your day and share your wow moments with me! I pride myself on my ability to listen and relate, BUT most of all, I love that I get to be part of your daily lives. I can be strict- think Mary Poppins- but I always keep our classes safe and fun. I never get upset but will address issues with my dancers privately if needed. My favorite part about teaching is helping people learn and grow, this is because we all learn differently, and I think that is both important and cool! I have prepared some awesome themed lesson plans that I just know you are going to LOVE!!! I am so excited, and cannot wait to see all of my dancers this fall, as well as meet all of my new dancers!! I am so honored that you have chosen Dance Elements, welcome to our dance family!❤️

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