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Hey, I'm Miss Sophia.  I am so excited to be part of the Dance Elements teaching crew this season!!

    I have a passion for tap and still dabble in the dance competition world when time permits. When I am not in the pool- my dream is to be an Olympic Level swimmer, and not in the studio- my 2nd home, then you might find me on the pitch or out running the trails. I am a senior at Holy Cross high school, and some of my favorite subjects are maths and all sciences. I will graduate Bi-lingual this year, so feel free to speak french with me. 

    I am excited to teach again this season because I love helping them nuture their dance technique and musicality but also seeing them grow as humans. I am an introverted person and feel everyone deserves a place to express themselves comfortably, and I believe I foster that environement. 

   I am so excited to share my passion for dance with you all, and think this will be our best season yet!!

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