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Hi everyone! Miss Hannah here, I am super excited for another season with DE! You will see me around quite a bit this year teaching a variety of classes for our Primary and up dancers. Outside of the studio you can find me spending time with friends, trying something new or simply relaxing and watching Netflix. In  the summer I spend most of my time working on my golf game, and it finally paid off as I have recently become a PGA of Canada professional.  Even though I have only been a part of DE for a short time, I can confidently say they have created such a welcoming environment for their staff and students that they can make anyone feel like family. Growing up, the studio was my safe space where I felt most comfortable and my goal as a teacher is to create that same environment for my students. My favorite part about teaching is watching the students find their passion for the art through achieving their goals and having fun. I cannot wait to see all of you in the studio!

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