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Junior Level 

*complete info found in "Junior Information" form above

2024 Competitions
1. Spring Stars - Saskatoon - March 19th - 23rd, 2024
2. Meet YXE - Saskatoon - April 2n
d - 7th, 2024

$25 administration fee (paid once per dancer)


Studio Charges:
-In-Class Groups - no charge 
-Solos $50/hour (min 2 hours to set solo), then $25/hour
-Duos $35/hour per dancer (min 2 hours to set duo), then $15/hour per dancer


Competition Entry Fees:

Set by the competition, taxes not included


Solo: $55-$110 per solo, per competition

Duet: $50 - $90 per dancer, per duet, per competition 

Groups: $45-$60 per group, per competition 

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