ADAPT, AA M1, SCA Coach & Judge, Sports First Aid, Respect in Sport, Alixa Flexibility

Hi I’m Miss Nicole! I am super excited to be back at Dance Elements for a second year now! You can catch me teaching Pom, Hip Hop, Acro & even a Tap class! Some of my favourite styles to dance are definitely Tap, Pom, Hip Hop, & Contemporary. When I’m not teaching at the studio I’m with my family at the lake, usually you can catch me by the water! I consider myself to be super outgoing & understanding of all situations, I want my students to feel safe and that they can talk to me in any situation. Dance is not just learning how to do a step or learn a combination it’s about setting the kiddos up for success in life and I truly believe in that!  I love teaching at Dance Elements for many reasons but one that means the most to me is that everyone is family and wants to see everyone succeed! Super excited to watch dancers set and work towards their goals this season 2021/2022 season. Get ready dancers this is going to be a great season, I can tell now!

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