B.Mus., Perf. Dip., B.Ed.

Mr. Mike is our consult for our voice sector of our theater program. A little about Mr. Mike- he currently directs two choirs in town – le Choeur des. Michael has gained much experience in Saskatchewan over the past 17 years. He has sung with the Regina and Saskatoon Symphonies as a soloist, especially in productions of Handel’s Messiah. He has had many roles with the Saskatoon Opera Association, both as a soloist and as a director of Chorus choirs. Mr. Mike  is a talented and sought-after performer. He is familiar with many musical styles, and has two degrees in music performance, including training as an operatic tenor. He is passionate about music and the arts, and about teaching young performers to engage their communication skills in the theatre arts. plaines, Saskatoon’s only Francophone community choir; and St. John’s Cathedral Choir, where he is also the Music Director. He is a long-standing member of the Saskatchewan Registered Music Teachers’ Association, and has maintained a private singing studio over the past 13 years.  

He does all this all the while also being a school teacher during the day, as well as a husband and father.  A very busy gent!