Classes Offered 

Here at Dance Elements, we offer two streams of classes.


The first is our "Aspiring" classes for dancers aspiring to be the best dancer they can be, in a non-competitive and stress-free environment. Our Aspiring dancers will work towards an amazing year-end performance in our annual Recital to show their family and friends all of their hard work throughout the year. Our aspiring classes are for dancers of all ages and skill levels looking to have fun, make friends and enjoy the love of dance. 

The second is our "Competitive" classes for dancers looking for a more competitive stream. These classes will work towards the goals of examinations and competitions throughout the year. Our competitive dancers will be challenged to grow and work hard towards their goals, both in class and at home! 


Primary – 5-7 years

Pre-Junior – 8-9 years

Junior – 10-12 years

Junior exam/comp- 10-12 * must be enrolled in Junior tap- add on class*

Intermediate/Senior Open– 13+ years

Intermediate/Senior Comp/exam- 13+ * must be enrolled in int/sr class-add on class*



Primary – 5-7 years

Pre-Junior – 8-9 years

Pre-Junior Exam/Comp- 8-9 * Must be in Pre- Junior jazz also- add on class*

Junior – 9-12 years

Junior Exam/comp- 10-12 * must be in junior jazz als0-- add on class.

Intermediate/Senior  jazz open – 13 + years (non-competitive)

Intermediate /Senior Jazz – 13+ years (competitive/exam)

**strongly advised dancer be enrolled in turns & progressions, acro, or ballet**

Intermediate/Senior Progressions & Turns – 13+ years  



Primary – 5-7 years

Pre-Junior – 8-9 years

Junior – 9-12 years

Intermediate – 13-14 years

Senior – 15+ years

Intermediate/Senior Pointe – 13+ years

Must be enrolled in Intermediate or Senior ballet

Intermediate/Senior Open Ballet – 13+ years (non-competitive)


**please note there are exam, aspiring and competitive classes offered.**These are CLARIFIED on schedule page 



Pre-Junior/Junior – 8-12 years

Must be enrolled in Pre-Junior or Junior jazz or Pre- Junior or Junior Ballet 

Intermediate/Senior - 13+ years ( non competitive)

Must be enrolled in Intermediate or Senior Jazz or Ballet




Intermediate/Senior – 12+ years ( competitive)



One Level – open to ages 8+

Must be enrolled in jazz or ballet



Primary – 5-7 years

Pre Junior/ – 8--9 years

junior/Intermediate/Senior – 10+ years



Pre-Junior/Junior – 8-12 years

Intermediate/Senior – 13+ years

* Both competitive and aspiring streams offered*


Age 19 +

Runs September to June, with an option to perform in the annual recital – Ballet/ Contemporary - 1 hour  class

Tap – 1 hour class

Our adult classes are open to adults of ANY skill level! These classes focus on having fun, getting your sweat on, and learning the basics all while working on combinations. Adult classes work on a punch card system – buy a punch card for 16 classes, each time you come, punch a hole. This way if you miss a few class you don’t lose any money!







Specialty Classes

Tiny Tot Classes - 30 Minute Classes

Age 3 and under

10 week sessions

October – December (Term 1)

January – March (Term 2)

April - May (Term 3) - option to participate in recital

Tiny Tot Jazz, Ballet, & Tap  - teaches exactly the style the class is called- All tot classes are instructor lead- but parents can watch. 


Tiny Tot Classes focus on flexibility, body and special awareness, beginner dance techniques, and introduction to understanding music. Parents are welcome and encouraged to assist their child







Combo Classes – 45 Minutes Classes

Age 3 and up

Run September to June, with a performance in the annual recital


Mini Rhythms – Tap & Jazz

Tiny Twirlers – Ballet & Acro

Petit Danseur – Ballet & Jazz


These classes build on flexibility, technique and musicality, while working on independence and personal growth. Students are encouraged to be independent, with parents remaining outside of the studio.


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